Good News

Dear Friends,

We set up an office for the cube group at 51 Astor Place in New York.  From this office, we build digital visualizer software and quick-texting applications for smart watches.  We are developing our partnership, where partners receive 50% commission for selling tickets to our rally, imagine, learn, collaborate, gain program.  Partners do a planned act of kindness in order to earn our cube, and then learn and apply the friendship cube code that sounds the way it looks, using their / our own unique imagination, creativity, passion, enthusiasm, skills, love, discipline, honour, and responsibility.  

Cube-holders lead by example, being true, and brave, and gain a true testimony of how the cube standard has benefitted themselves, their communities and their / our friends.  Your testimony will be infused with your own morality, character, and righteousness.  That true testimony will inspire others to follow in your footsteps, and do a planned act of kindness that benefits you, in order for them to earn the friendship cube and code from you.  Thus, it is a ripple effect of planned acts of kindness leading into a better and brighter global standard for digital communication.
The money we raise from our New York operation center will be re-invested in two major projects, the "Friendship Cube Tile" is a computer that installs on a wall and features visual binary, touch-binary that helps blind people, RTLS that is real time locator system that enables navigation within mapped buildings via smart devices, automatic biometric identification, linkage industry connection, telecom integration, and also banking integration.  These tiles are easy to sell, and fun to install.   The second project is the "Global Friendship ID" project that further introduces the global standard for digital communication, the friendship cube, and re-invents global education for the information age. 
We intend to make some commitments to the accountants, tech executives, sales professionals, investors, business metrics folks, marketing, product management, computer science & psychology, lawyers, publicists, software developers, and media professionals.

Graeme Kilshaw

+1 250 813-1734

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