Snowball of Good

The Friendship Cube and the Snowball of Good

Locally, a group of youngsters has started a chain-reaction of kindness, with the motivation of making the world a better place by doing planned acts of kindness that improve the local community and reach out to others all around the world.  The Friendship Cube Group has developed a cube, a program, an application, and a workbook that anyone can grasp.  We believe in making the world a better place through the cube code, enabling communication in a language that unites.  We want to tap you for your interest and creativity… and allow you to truly believe in yourself.  Its all about you.  

You can do a good deed to earn the Friendship Cube.  You can learn and apply the cube code for your own personal gain.  You can improve yourself this week by doing something every day to improve your life with the friendship cube code.  And you can inspire others to earn your friendship by doing an act of kindness that helps you and the Friendship Cube Group.  The rule of thumb is, "Snowball of Good". 

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