Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Friendship Cube Movement all about?
Our mission is to develop global literacy in the 21st century.  We will accomplish our goal by teaching 21st century skills to students by bringing friendship cube games into classrooms around the world.  We have developed a culture-centric strategy.  Our movement is creating a better world for the next generation.  Each friendship cube is a building block in our social and conscious development movement.  Our movement transcends nationality, race, and language through the code of our cube.  We are reaching out and engaging in the transformation from the Social Web (Web 2.0) to the Semantic Web (Web 3.0).  Our socially conscious actions with the friendship cube group are empowering friends and partners everywhere for a brighter and more united future. 

What are the Details of the Friendship Cube Idea?
The Friendhship Cube is a teaching, communication, and gaming tool.Instead of 26 alphabet block letters for communications, there is just one friendship cube with diamond symbols that rotate. In the friendship cube code, each phonetic sound has a unique binary place-holder. The friendship cube has a diamond symbol with lines and squares that rotate, creating unique visual binary code. Friendship Cube Code resembles Quick Response (QR) code as it contains visual binary information. The difference between QR and friendship cube code isthat the friendship cube code is easily recognizable by both webcams and the human eye. The cubesare rotated in 3 dimensions, kind of like rubix cubes only different. Symbols rotate to form individual letters and combine to create anagram words. With all angles, all phonetic letters for the hands-freetyping interface are available: (four of the letters are made through combining phonetic sounds:G=J+Y, K=C+X, Q +C+W, and Z+S+Y)

How will the Friendship Cube be applied as an interface?
It can be external and recognized by web-cams, or it can be internal to the software. 

Why is the friendship cube efficient and strategically beneficial? 
Our friendship cube replaces 26 cubes with one, it organizes letters so they can be stacked, and it helps to separate signals from noise via its efficient visual binary configuration.

Where do I find more information on the friendship cube? 
The internet will be increasingly full of abundant information on and with the friendship cube code.  Graeme Kilshaw is a conscious change agent within this shift.  He publishes his papers on Scribd


Where do I find news on the Friendship Cube?
You can also check twitter for daily updates and news on the friendship cube.


Dose the friendhsip cube represent an "off-world-language"? 
NO! Extra-Terestrials could and would never invade.

How do I contact Graeme Kilshaw?
Call his cellphone: +1 250 220-0947
or Email him: GraemeKilshaw@Gmail.com

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