Journey of the Cosmic Ashlar

     In the history of films, one box office hit is sure to peak success. "Journey of the Cosmic Ashlar" …What makes it unique, is that it is filmed using old-fashioned methods… the same employed in the age of Charlie Chaplin. Rated G, for General. Sure to attract some of the elderly that grew up listening to Classic symphonies. Casting Call for The Prophet Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him. The film begins in the beginning, when God entrusts the Cosmic Ashlar to the first Prophet Adam. Eden transforms alchemically into Egypt. And the story continues with Abraham. Abraham writes in his papyrus scrolls about the Cosmic Ashlar, a sacred relic passed down to him from the dawn of creation. The scrolls of Abraham are passed to Pharaoh Ramses, and then entrusted to His Son, RMSS. The Cosmic Ashlar and Scrolls of Abraham are given to Moses, and he goes up to Mount Sinai to receive the Tablets from God, completing the Trinity of the Cosmic Ashlar, the Scrolls of Abraham, and the Sacred Tablets from YHWH. The code of light from the Cosmic Ashlar is engraved… in blazing light… into the Ten Commandments. Moses seals the three sacred objects in the Ark of the Covenant, and carries it with His Holy Army across the Red Sea and towards the Promised Land. The story continues with the tents of the wandering tribe of Judah, and its center… the Ark of the Covenant. King David has a son, King Solomon, who builds a Grand Temple… King Solomon's Temple, in Jerusalem… to house the Sacred Ark of the Covenant. That Temple endures attacks from Persian Armies and Roman Armies alike. Jesus Christ visits the Temple three years prior to His death and resurrection. In strength, God establishes His House to stand firm forever… yet there is a twist of fate. Persian and Roman armies collaborate to destroy all but a single wall of King Solomon's Temple, and a Persian Nobleman is granted the sacred contents of the Ark of the Covenant… the Cosmic Ashlar, Scrolls of Abraham, and Tablets of Moses. The Persian Nobleman calls the Cosmic Ashlar the "Al Hajar Al Aswad"… and he entrusts it to the Prophet Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him. The Last Prophet uses the trifold contents of the Sacred Ark to write the Noble Koran, and carries the Cosmic Ashlar in a great triangle… greater Israel… from Jerusalem to Medina to Mecca. He places it intact into the Eastern wall of the Ka'aba. The Prophet Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, then encounters a divine mystery, whereby the Al Buraq, His Heavenly Steed, transports him back to Jerusalem. He ties the steed to the Western Wall of King Solomon's Temple… and on the rock… He ascends into Heaven. The Journey of the Cosmic Ashlar is completed when the House of the Cosmic Ashlar, the New Heavenly Jerusalem, reigns from Zion… Greater Israel... over all the lands of the earth… for ever and ever, Amen.

Awake and arise, o ye slumbering nations
The Heavens have opened their portals again
The last and the greatest of all dispensations
Has burst like a dawn o'er the children of men
The dream of the poet, the crown of the ages
The time that the Prophets of Israel foretold
That glorious day only dreamed by the sages
Is yours O ye slumbering nations, Behold!
O lift up your voices in song and in story
Let banners of PEACE in all lands be unfurled
For truth, Heaven-born, in its beauty and Glory
Is marching triumphantly over the world
We were sons of light before Adam and Eve
And for all the Sons of Men we did conceive
Christ-consciousness, ingeniousness
Love and light, to lead us into fearlessness
Our code of light is in the Scrolls of Abraham
Before the Tablets, written of there was a Man
Who gave His all, to serve the Call
When the Cosmic Ashlar to Him did fall
He bowed down to the Cosmic Plan
The stone for King Solomon appeared in the sand
With the Golden Rule, and eternal tool
That brought Him into the Cosmic Light School
Within us is His eye of Providence
Merciful and Compassionate radiance
The light-code of our friends
We Hold it in our Hands
Minds and Hearts opening up to Allah's Plans.
We are the Sons of Light . . . Amen! . . . Amen!

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